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As our university celebrates the 50th anniversary of inclusion on our campus, I am reminded, again, of what a great university Texas A&M truly is. Vision 2020’s Imperative 6: Diversify and Globalize the A&M Community states that diversity is one of our top goals in the coming years. Fulfilling that goal began with the inclusion of women and African-Americans in the early 1960s, allowing our university to grow and flourish.

I always go back to our university’s six core values: Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect, and Selfless Service. It is through our deep commitment to respect one another as Aggies that we achieve true unity as an Aggie Family. That’s what will allow us to continue to grow and bring Texas A&M University to new heights.

God Bless and Gig ‘Em,

Reid Joseph ‘14
Student Body President
Texas A&M University