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Dr. Christine Stanley

Christine Stanley talks about the need to engage in dialogues to broaden the meaning of inclusion as well as the importance of diversity to the health of Texas A&M and society. (Transcript)

I think inclusion is important for Texas A&M in a number of ways. If you look at what we are trying to do this year with our 50th anniversary and the celebration… is looking back in terms of what we've accomplished as a university. Looking forward, inclusion is very important because in my mind when you talk about academic excellence, it's hard to envision academic excellence without talking about inclusion or talking about diversity. If nothing else, for the health of our institution, if you look at our mission as a land grant university, for democracy and for the overall health of state, society, and larger world. Inclusiveness is important to Texas A&M for a number of reasons and I think celebration of our 50th anniversary gives us an opportunity to reflect on that, to engage in more dialogues around what inclusiveness means… and also envision what we would like Texas A&M to be in future years to come.

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