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Campus Climate Studies

To understand the impact of campus climate on recruitment and retention, the Texas A&M Diversity Plan calls for academic and support units to explore data from student, faculty, and staff campus climate surveys. The most current campus-wide, campus climate studies are available below:

Undergraduate Students

2013 Undergraduate Student Campus Climate Assessment

Campus Climate 2008 - Texas A&M - How's it Working for You? 

Graduate Students

2012 Graduate Student Campus Climate Studies


2013 Faculty Survey of Academic Climate and Activities


2016 Texas A&M Staff Climate Survey Results

Sharing Campus Climate Results

To better understand the campus climate at Texas A&M, we are interested in the methods, surveys, and results of unit-level assessments within the institution.  Additionally, understanding campus climate assessments and results conducted by other universities advances understanding of the challenges and progress of creating an inclusive, welcoming environment. If you are interested in sharing your results with us, please feel free to use this form or call us at 979-458-2905.