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Funding Opportunities

Student Organization Grants

Diversity grant opportunities are open to all recognized student organizations at Texas A&M University. The Office of the Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity is committed to creating an environment in which the benefits of diversity can be realized. We believe student organizations can play a significant role in creating such an environment by hosting programs focused on diversity. To submit a grant proposal to the VPD, please review the application procedures (pdf) and then submit the application online

DIVERSITY MATTERS Seed Grant Programs -- Please check our list of the currently funded proposals! Proposals are invited from faculty, students, and staff for creative research initiatives that seek to accelerate progress in achieving equity in representation and professional recognition of under-represented groups at Texas A&M University and through those research efforts to offer insights of relevance for discussions and debates about diversity in institutions of higher education at large. For inquiries, please contact Dr. Jyotsna Vaid,

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