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Enhancing Diversity Seminars

The 2019 Enhancing Diversity Seminar Series is designed to engage the campus community in dialogue around topics and issues related to diversity, campus climate, equity, and inclusion. The Office for Diversity has invited Texas A&M students, faculty, and staff to present their research to the campus community. A list of past Enhancing Diversity Seminars is available here.
Because of the diversity in experience, motivation, and knowledge in the campus community, the Office for Diversity offers sessions for participants with a variety of skill levels and knowledge about diversity. To help participants find presentations that match their interests and facilitate their personal and professional development, presenters have indicated experience and knowledge level(s) for their sessions: 
  1. Novice - Limited or no experience, training, and/or personal reflection discussing racism, privilege, and other social justice issues and identifying personal biases, prejudices, and identity.  
  2. Intermediate - Some to moderate experience, training, and/or personal reflection identifying and recognizing personal bias and prejudices, how power and authority are distributed within organizational systems, and forms of privilege, oppression, and discrimination. 
  3. Advanced - Substantial experience, training, and/or personal reflection resulting in a willingness to engage in respectful discussions and discourse about power, privilege, oppression, and discrimination; the ability to function effectively in a multicultural society; the ability to understand conflict from multiple viewpoints; and the willingness to explore personal bias and prejudices.
Presentations are structured to encourage participants to engage in self-reflection and to interact with peers and the presenter(s). Please check with your supervisor to determine whether any presentations count towards your specific training and professional development requirements. These are brown bag sessions, please feel free to bring your lunch.  Light refreshments will be provided. Registration information for each session is available below --  
November 20, 2019: Rudder 601 | 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Title: ONE in Diversity: Obtaining Nursing Excellence in Diversity

Presenter: Dr. Nora Montalvo-Liendo, RN, Ph.D., FAAN, Assistant Professor
Academy on Violence and Abuse Scholar
College of Nursing | Texas A&M University Health Science Center 

Registration: (1) Texas A&M employees register here through TrainTraq; (2) People from the community and students who are not employees of Texas A&M can register here; and (3) If you are not able to attend in person, register to LIVESTREAM -- Registration for livestreaming the seminar closes at 3 pm on 11/19/19.

Abstract: Improving diversity in the nursing workforce begins with cultural competence. Cultural competence begins with cultural awareness. Texas A&M’s College of Nursing administered the Cultural Awareness Scale (CAS) to faculty and students to evaluate cultural competency. The study addressed the following research questions: What are the differences in cultural awareness among nursing students and faculty who have completed a cultural awareness course and those who have not? The baseline data on cultural awareness among nursing students at Texas A&M University will inform interventions to improve cultural competency of our graduates to ultimately eliminate health disparity and improve health outcomes.
Audience knowledge level: Novice – Limited or no experience, training, and/or personal reflection discussing racism, privilege, and other social justice issues and identifying personal biases, prejudices, and identity.