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Diversity Matters Seed Grant Program

iconmonstr-tree-7-(1).png2018-2020 Diversity Matters Seed Grants

The Diversity Matters Seed Grant program supports research projects designed to make a positive impact on Texas A&M University’s Diversity Plan goals of accountability, climate, and equity. Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss proposal topics with their relevant Diversity Operations Committee representative(s) prior to submission. Texas A&M University students, faculty, staff, as well as previous recipients of Diversity Matters Seed grants, were eligible to submit proposals.

Post-Funding Requirements: The principal investigator(s) of research projects that are awarded funding agree to comply with the following post-funding requirements --

  1. Prior to release of funds, as applicable, provide Office for Diversity letter(s) of support from partner units and updates of IRB status

  2. In any presentations and publications arising from the project, include the acknowledgment statement: “This work was supported by the 2018-2020 Diversity Matters Seed Grant, funded by the Office for Diversity at Texas A&M University.”

  3. By December 5, 2019, the principal investigator(s) will submit a one page (up to 500 words) progress report indicating how the funds were used and the status of the project. Submit annual updates to the Office of Diversity, specifically addressing budget, progress, and challenges on the research project.

  4. By December 10, 2020, the principal investigator(s) will submit a two page (up to 1,000 words) summary of research findings, recommendations for practice and future research, summary of how funding was used, and how the results have been disseminated on campus and in professional venues.

Inquiries: For more information about the Diversity Matters Seed Grant program, please send email to or call 979-458-2905. 

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2018-2020 Funded Seed Grant Proposals
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