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Abbott reappoints Kristie Orr, Ph.D. to Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities

Gov. Greg Abbott has reappointed six people to the Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities, one of them being Kristie Orr, Ph.D., disability resources director for Texas A&M Univ...

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What we mean by diversity at Texas A&M University

Diversity refers to the variety of group experiences that result from the social structure of society. Diversity is a broad concept that includes differences in society's opportunities, the shaping of social institutions by different social factors, the formation of group and individual identity, and the processes of social change. This includes race, class, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, age disability, language, and region of residence, among others. [Adapted from: Anderson, M. & Taylor, H. (2007). Sociology: Understanding a diverse society, 4th ed. Belmont, CA: Thomas Wadsworth.]

The educational benefits of diversity and inclusion include: Fostering civic learning and engagement and preparing students, faculty, and staff to live in an increasingly global and complex world.