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About the Office

Welcome from Dr. Annie S. McGowan
Vice President and Associate Provost for Dr. Annie McGowanDiversity
Bill and Gina Flores Professorship in Business

The Office for Diversity website represents our commitment to transparency and an invitation to fully engage all members of the campus community on a journey towards academic excellence. Our success in completing this journey in a manner that truly aligns with Aggie Core Values depends largely on our ability to comprehensively link our diversity plan objectives to every aspect of our educational mission. The Office for Diversity stands ready to facilitate engagement and collaboration among those who share our goal of advancing diversity, inclusion, and equity, and holding all stakeholders accountable for fulfilling the land grant mission of Texas A&M University.

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The Office for Diversity's Mission

The mission of the Office for Diversity is to implement and coordinate Texas A&M University’s Diversity Plan by providing leadership and support to the academic and administrative units as they embed diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in academic and institutional excellence. The Office for Diversity works to advance accountability, campus climate, and equity across the university, support and contribute to DEI research and scholarship, and to resist racism, bias, and discrimination in the campus communities we serve.  

Organization Chart

August 2 2022 Office for Diversity Organization Chart
Organizational Chart PDF (PDF Reader) - Current as of 8/2/2022


ODLC logoThe Office for Diversity at Texas A&M University implemented the Office for Diversity Learning Community (ODLC) in Fall of 2018. The ODLC has been modeled as a high-impact practice to engage student workers and help them to build skills that will benefit them in both their academic and professional endeavors. The ODLC encourages innovative student research and through student learning outcomes addresses communication skills, cultural literacy, and social justice. Learning outcomes are further positioned to address higher levels of learning identified by Bloom’s Taxonomy, including analyze, evaluate, and create. The ODLC encourages innovative student research and development specifically including student learning outcomes addressing communication skills, cultural literacy, and social justice. Based on their academic and professional interests, students have their own projects and assigned tasks. For instance, some broad areas of individual student expertise include social media, finances, leading meetings, facilitating discussion, creative projects, and written communication.

Meet the ODLC

  • Nikole Arredondo (she/her) '24
  • Dalvin Dunn '25
  • Vanessa Garcia (she/her) '24
  • Manas Gokhale (he/him) '23
  • Lawren Walker (she/her) '22

ODLC Former Members

  • Yusra Aziz '20
  • Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman, Vice President & Associate Provost of Diversity and Inclusion, Northwestern University
  • Deyanira Ely
  • Redeem Francis '21, '22
  • ​Morgan Gimblet ‘20
  • Oluwabukola 'Bukky' Makinde ‘19
  • Anthony Ramirez '22
  • Darby Salge, M.Ed. '19
  • Winston Savoy ‘18


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Presentations and Publications

  • Aziz, Y., Carrillo, I., Dawson, M., & Reyes, J.M. (2020). Present, network, and reflect: G-double-O-D J-O-B. Presentation to the High Impact Practices (HIPs) In the States Conference. College Station, TX.
  • Aziz, Y., Francis, R., Gimblet, M., & Reyes, J.M. (2019). Integrating dialogue into seminars: Staying to talk instead of leaving angry and confused. Poster presentation at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE). Portland, OR.
  • Francis, R., Ramirez, A., Salge, D., & Walker, L. (2021). Building today's leaders: Student employment as a high impact practice in the Office for Diversity Learning Community. Presentation at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE).

Staff Directory

Dr. Annie S. McGowan

Dr. Annie S. McGowan -- Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity; Professor, Business
Bio: Annie McGowan currently serves as the Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity and is the holder of the Bill and Gina Flores Professorship in Business.  As the Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity, Dr...
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Dr. Jennifer McGee Reyes

Dr. Jennifer McGee Reyes -- Assistant Vice President for Diversity
Bio: Dr. Jennifer McGee Reyes' key responsibility is working with campus leaders to develop, implement, and assess diversity and inclusion strategies on campus. Furthermore, she provides leadership for the collaboration and integration of...
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Crystal Spruill Carter, M.S, M.Ed.

Crystal Spruill Carter, M.S, M.Ed. -- Communications Specialist
Bio: Crystal Spruill Carter, M.S., M.Ed. is the Communications Specialist in Texas A&M University’s Office for Diversity. Crystal’s responsibilities include leadership and creativity in writing, designing, managing, and...
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Ande Burks

Ande Burks -- Executive Assistant III
Bio: Ande Burks serves as the Executive Assistant to the Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity at Texas A&M University. Ande has years of professional administrative experience including working at the George H.W. Bush Combat...
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Dr. Michael A. Dewsnap

Dr. Michael A. Dewsnap -- Executive Director of LEEP
Bio: Dr. Michael A. Dewsnap is the Executive Director of the Learning Environment Engagement Program (LEEP) in the Office for Diversity and Instructional Assistant Professor in the department of Humanities in Medicine ...
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Lawren Walker

Lawren Walker -- Student Assistant
Bio: Lawren Walker is an English major from Houston, Texas. She currently serves as the Vice President 1 for NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and serves as the President for the Voices of Praise Gospel Choir....
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Dr. Mahmut Gundogdu

Dr. Mahmut Gundogdu -- Data Scientist
Bio: Dr. Mahmut Gundogdu is a Data Scientist at the Office for Diversity. His primary role is to apply an advanced level of statistical analysis for office needs. He received his Ph.D. in Quantitative Research Methodology from the University...
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Manas Gokhale

Manas Gokhale -- Graduate Assistant - Research
Bio: Manas Gokhale is a first-year student at Mays Business School pursuing a master’s degree in Management Information Systems. Originally, from Mumbai, India, Manas holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the...
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Vanessa Garcia

Vanessa Garcia -- Student Assistant
Bio: Vanessa is a second-year student at Texas A&M pursuing a bachelor's degree in Public Health.  She currently is active in the Mexican Student Association on campus and is a member of Aggie Elevate, a peer education...
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Dalvin Dunn

Dalvin Dunn -- Graduate Assistant
Bio: Dalvin Dunn is a second-year doctoral student studying Higher Education Administration. His current research is on Black Males Studies, Historically Black Colleges, and Universities (HBCUs), and Prison Education. Dalvin has served in...
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Nikole Arredondo

Nikole Arredondo -- Student Assistant
Bio: Nikole Arredondo is a third-year student pursuing a bachelor's degree in visualization. She is a member of the TAMU 2VD organization, which focuses on helping students develop artistic skills in the 2D medium. She is very passionate...
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