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Advisory Groups

Diversity Operations Committee (DOC)

The Diversity Operations Committee (DOC) is a university-wide committee serving as an advisory body to the Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity. The DOC is charged to:
  • Ensure that all existing and planned policies, operations, procedures, and all major plans for organizational change are pursued with careful attention to their impact on our diversity and inclusion goals;
  • Ensure strategic coordination of university-wide diversity-related activities;
  • Consider processes for the collection of equity and climate data, diversity initiatives, as well as recruitment and retention strategies and outcomes; and
  • Consider means for enhancing the effectiveness of our collective diversity initiatives, taking into account current practices, and the distinctive cultures of our various units.

2020-2021 Diversity Operations Committee (DOC) Representatives


President's Council on Climate and Diversity (PCCD)

The purpose of the President's Council on Climate & Diversity (PCCD) is to provide counsel to the President and the Provost and Executive Vice President on all ways of attracting and retaining culturally-diverse students, faculty, and staff to Texas A&M University and to strengthen, sustain, and promote our diversity efforts in support of Strategic Plan 2020-2025 priorities. Additionally, the PCCD assists the Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity in planning appropriate assessment and evaluation of all university units regarding  diversity-related endeavors.

 2020-2021 President's Council on Climate and Diversity (PCCD) Membership