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Campus-Wide Presentations

2017 Campus Wide Campus Climate Session    
Held on April 20, 2017, the presentations and the content from the small group work are available here -- LEARNING FROM CAMPUS CLIMATE DATA: A work session using university-wide campus climate survey results for students, faculty, and staff (pdf). During the 2017 session, the breakout groups provided an opportunity for the campus community to explore questions, concerns, and strategies to address pervasive campus climate issues in our campus community. The results of the small group work are: undergraduate students, graduate and professional students, faculty, and staff.

2014 Campus Wide Campus Climate Session    
Presentation from Engaging the Data: A Work Session on Campus Climate Results (pdf) held on February 24, 2014.

2011 Campus Wide Campus Climate Session
Below are the presentations made during the Campus-wide session "Our Collective Responsibility for Maintaining a Welcoming Climate," held on November 29, 2011.