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Texas A&M's History of Inclusion

In 1963, Texas A&M's president General James Earl Rudder opened our doors to African-Americans and women –- a landmark decision that put our university on a clear path toward preeminence as a major teaching, research, and service institution.

The university has benefited greatly from the contributions and accomplishments of its diverse and inclusive community, helping us to achieve a culture of excellence. With enhanced efforts at inclusion for all, we will successfully meet the needs of our global society and the challenges of the future.

Additional Sources:

Diversity Timeline (PDF): 
The Timeline of Texas A&M's History of Inclusion timeline, while not exhaustive, includes notable moments, individuals, and milestones in all areas of campus life ranging from athletics to the creation of university centers and even controversial events that have occurred since Texas A&M was established. We welcome contributions! To provide content, photos, or updates, please contact the Office for Diversity by email,, by phone (979-458-2905), or use this online form to provide any information or feedback. Thank you for your help in keeping this living document, accurate, and current.

Intended for All: 125 Years of Women at Texas A&M:
This interactive timeline describes the history of women at Texas A&M from its establishment through 2002. It highlights profiles of prominent women on campus along with stories from each decade. This material was developed by Cushing Library, and is no longer updated or maintained.

In Fulfillment of a Dream: African-Americans at Texas A&M University:
This webpage includes notable moments and individuals in the history of African-Americans at Texas A&M, across the areas of African-American workers on campus, Prairie View A&M, the Corps of Cadets, sports, student Life, and administration, faculty, and staff. This material was developed by Cushing Library, and is no longer updated or maintained.

Siempre!: History of Hispanics at Texas A&M:
This material was collected for an exhibit at Cushing Library in 2006, and is no longer updated or maintained. Featured areas of history include the First Hispanic Aggies, prominent leaders, and student life. 

Women in the Corps (video):
This ten-minute YouTube video documents the integration of women in the Corps of Cadets from 1974 - 2004. It includes interviews from some of the first women to join the Corps, and then-Current cadets. 

Women at Texas A&M Presentation (PDF):
This presentation was created in 2013 by Dr. Sara Alpen and Dr. Bonnie Ledbetter. Prominent women in the history of Texas A&M are honored in chronological order, including the first woman to attend as a student and the first woman to be granted a degree.