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Connecting Those Advancing Accountability

Dr. Troy Harden
Dr. Troy Harden
Dr. Troy Harden, Director of the Race & Ethnic Studies Institute (RESI) presented to the Diversity Operations Committee (DOC) during their September meeting. He discussed the institute’s research efforts and RESI’s 30th anniversary planned for November 1-5, 2021. RESI, founded in 1991, has a mission to highlight Texas A&M’s strengths and academic leadership in research relating to the study of race and ethnicity. It also supports research and scholarship in the humanities and social and behavioral sciences that contribute to the study of race and ethnicity.

RESI provides intellectual leadership in advancing interdisciplinary partnerships that pursue research aimed at understanding the salience of race and ethnicity for local and national cultures, public policy, and public discourse, both nationally and globally. Furthermore, RESI aims to cultivate an intellectual environment that fosters supportive mentoring relationships between graduate students and faculty interested in race and ethnic research. RESI’s main themes are research-centered, funding opportunities for graduate students and early career faculty, interdisciplinary, “gathering” opportunities, relevant topics and speakers, and product offering (reports and workshops). He shared RESI’s core areas of research are Race/ Ethnicity and immigration, health, mass incarceration, and education. For more information about the institute, their strategic movement, and their research, visit

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