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1. What is the mission of the Office for Diversity?
The mission of the Office for Diversity is to implement and coordinate Texas A&M University’s Diversity Plan by providing leadership and support to the academic and administrative units as they embed diversity and inclusion in academic and institutional excellence. The Office for Diversity works to advance accountability, campus climate, and equity across the university while resisting racism, bias, and discrimination. 
2. Where is the Office for Diversity located?
The Office for Diversity is located in the Jack K. Williams Administration Building Suite 001. To reach us by email, visit the staff directory or email us at
3. How do you define diversity?
< id="docs-internal-guid-6354b592-7fff-952f-6717-e748b02df99f">Texas A&M’s definition of diversity has two distinct, but interrelated parts—
Compositional/structural diversity is how much or how many people from identities such as: race; ethnicity; culture; national origin; sexual orientation; gender identity; age; religion; language; abilities; socioeconomic status; marital, domestic, parental status, and more. 
Sociological diversity is about how our identities intersect and inform the ways in which we interact with each other at work, in the classroom, in our personal lives, and in society. Sociological diversity describes the ways in which our social institutions and identities interact to shape and impact our life outcomes. All of our life outcomes are impacted by our identities in deep and meaningful ways such as our health outcomes, our relationships, and our educational and professional opportunities.
The educational benefits of diversity and inclusion include: Fostering civic learning and engagement and preparing students, faculty, and staff to live in an increasingly global and complex world. 
4. How do you define equity? 
Equity is the commitment to access, opportunity, and advancement for all students, faculty, and staff. Equity establishes the expectation that Texas A&M students, faculty, and staff are: committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) publicly and in practice; identifying barriers that have prevented the full participation of people who have been historically excluded and underrepresented at Texas A&M; and eliminating barriers that have prevented the full participation of people who have been historically excluded and underrepresented at Texas A&M.
5. How do you define inclusion?
Inclusion means welcoming and supporting people from all groups that encompass the multiplicity of the identities and characteristics of people on our campuses and in our communities (Strayhorn, 2019). Being welcome and included at Texas A&M means to be part of an institution that respects you, your identities, your history, and your culture. Texas A&M is inclusive when it invests in you and is committed to your success and well-being. [Adapted from: Anderson, M. & Taylor, H. (2007). Sociology: Understanding a diverse society, 4th ed. Belmont, CA: Thomas Wadsworth.]
6. Do you have any student organizations affiliated with the Office for Diversity?
Yes, we will be launching the Office for Diversity Student Diversity Advisory Committee (SDAC) in Spring 2021! The SDAC will be a standing university-wide committee that will serve as a student advisory body to the Office for Diversity. The group will gather students from colleges across the university to assist with the implementation of diversity, campus climate, equity, and accountability policies and practices.
Complete our New Member Interest Form at to be notified when the application for our Spring 2021 pilot semester goes live.
Also, please consider attending our Enhancing Diversity Seminar Series to learn more about the research and strategies related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our campus community!
7. What are the demographics of the university?
Please visit for detailed demographics of the student, faculty, and staff populations at Texas A&M. 
8. What are the Student Assistants' jobs?
The Student Assistants are integral to the success of the Office for Diversity. Our undergraduate and graduate student employees comprise the Office for Diversity Learning Community (ODLC). The ODLC encourages student research and development specifically including student learning outcomes addressing communication skills, cultural literacy, and social justice.  Based on their academic and professional interests, students have their own projects and assigned tasks. For example, one person in the office works with finances, one person works on the social media team, and another person focuses on reviewing, editing and writing pieces for the office. 
9. Are you hiring? 
Yes! The Office for Diversity is looking to hire two student assistants during Fall 2021. Please search for the Job ID 168340 on Jobs for Aggies for more information and instructions to apply. 
10. Do you have social media?
Yes! We are on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @AggieDiversity.