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The Office for Diversity Enhancing Diversity Seminar Series is open to the campus and community. Additionally, the Conversations in Higher Education program provide staff and faculty with training in facilitating difficult dialogues and mediation.

Texas A&M University Statement Regarding Invited Speakers

Texas A&M University is a community of scholars whose members include students, faculty, staff, and administrators—all of whom contribute in vital ways to scholarship, education, and to maintaining a community of respect.

From time to time, members of the Texas A&M University community may host events or invite speakers to campus who hold and espouse views contrary to our institutional values. We cannot intrude upon the constitutionally protected right of individual members of the University community to hold or sponsor those who hold divergent views.

While we may disagree with one another’s convictions, higher education is a community of scholars who work within the marketplace of ideas; as such, we must respect the rights of individuals to express their views. The creation of public forums for expression of such ideas, which many in our community find objectionable, is far from an endorsement of those ideas.

We encourage you to exercise your constitutionally protected right to dissent and to challenge such ideas in constructive, responsible ways. The university exists to make such exchanges possible. As a university, we vigorously oppose hatred and bigotry and stand firm in our commitment to the University Diversity Plan -- upon this promise, you may consistently rely. We welcome ideas, conversations and collaborative efforts that promote diversity, inclusion, and respect.