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Connecting Those Advancing Accountability

Damon Slaydon


Moving the Needle Towards a Diverse and Inclusive Student Population 

Damon Slaydon, Vice President for Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness (HROE), presented updates and reviews of the new actions taking place to enhance engagement and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for Texas A&M University’s faculty and staff. These actions are developed to increase diversity of faculty at all ranks, expand recruitment of frontline staff from underrepresented groups, and foster a climate of respect and inclusivity for all faculty and staff at Texas A&M University.

The HROE Department hopes to meet these goals with three steps: recruit, engage, and thrive. They hope to enhance recruitment of staff through the development of a professional talent acquisition organization and formalize an internal candidate mobility team. For engagement, they plan on specifically targeting the day-one onboarding process and the employee welcome/orientation to shape inclusive culture and enhance new faculty and staff familiarity with the campus. In their last step, HROE seeks to leverage technology platforms that incorporate listening strategies,develop leadership and succession planning to expand on leading self, and other functions to include faculty and staff coaching and mentoring. 

These actions are foreseen to create a mechanism for building accountability practices into hiring and evaluation processes and improve DEI on our campus to foster the institutional awareness and application of our Aggie Core Values. 

The Diversity Operations Committee (DOC) is a university-wide committee serving as an advisory body to the Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity. Each month, the DOC meets to discuss policies, operations, procedures, and all major plans for organizational change involving diversity, equity, and inclusion on our campus.


Media contact:
Crystal S. Carter
Communications Specialist