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Letters to the Campus Community from the Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity

Office for Diversity Newsletters

November 2020 - Dr. Adrienne Carter-Sowell research interview, Whitney Douglass accomodations and access interview, ACES Fellows Application, Virtual Speed Consultations, Graduate Student Spotlight, and more.

September 2020 - “Somos Texas A&M”, 2020 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award, Staff Spotlight, ACES applications open, SEED Grant applications open, Calendar of Events, and News

August 2020 - Dr. John Singer book interview, State of Diversity, Enhancing Diversity Seminar Series, Graduate Student Spotlight, ACES applications open, SEED Grant applications open

July 2020 - Dr. Emilce Santana publication interview, Dr. Kristie Orr facilitating disability interview, ADA 30th anniversary, ACES applications open, SEED Grant applications open

June 2020 - Dr. Bryce Henson book interview, Moving to Policy & Change, Racial Justice, and Pride Month

May 2020 - Dr. Sergio Lemus book interview, RISE Conference presentation, and Staying Connected with Community

April 2020 - Dr. Portia Owusu book interview, HIPs Conference presentation, and Coping with Stress and Anxiety

February 2020 - Texas A&M Earns National Diversity Champion Award, first ACES cohort, and Dr. Andrea Roberts' Enhancing Diversity Seminar.

August 2020 News Article - Producing Outstanding Scholarship, Dr. John Singer, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion and Associate Professor of Sport Management in the College of Education and Human Development, Diversity Operations Committee Member

July 2020 News Article - Facilitating Access for Students with Disabilities, Dr. Kristie Orr, Disability Resources Director

July 2020 News Article - Producing Outstanding Scholarship, Dr. Emilce Santana, ACES Fellow

June 2020 News Article - Producing Outstanding Scholarship, Dr. Bryce Henson, ACES Fellow

May 2020 News Article - Producing Outstanding Scholarship, Dr. Sergio Lemus, ACES Fellow

April 2020 News Article - Producing Outstanding Scholarship, Dr. Portia Owusu, ACES Fellow

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Research and Scholarship

The research and scholarship featured on the Office for Diversity website advances diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and equity from former and current students, faculty, staff of the Texas A&M community.

Bazner, K.J., Vaid, J. & Stanley, C.A. (2020). Who is meritorious? Gendered and racialized discourse in named award descriptions in professional societies of higher education. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, DOI: 10.1080/09518398.2020.1735559

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Social Media Posts | @AggieDiversity

August 20
Congratulations to Dr. Maria C. Escobar-Lemmon and Dr. Mario S. Torres, Jr. for their selection in the second cohort of Leadership Academy/ La Academia de Liderazgo.

Congratulations to our Diversity Operations Committee member on your new role!

Dr. Albert Broussard, TAMU Liberal Arts Professor, and longtime history textbook writer is planning to capitalize the b in Black in a lengthy revision to a history textbook used in American middle and high schools.

I can't sleep (Breonna Taylor). I can't jog (Ahmaud Arbery). I can't breathe (George Floyd).
I hate that I am writing yet again about racism - a pain and trauma that seems to be so unceasing in our country. Systemic racism continues to deprive us of our very lives. The current national unrest reveals that we are all so very tired of it. I hope that we can supplant sentiments of 'thoughts and prayers’ with tangible policy changes and action. My thoughts center on an increasingly diverse TAMU faculty, staff, and student body. My prayers are for a campus community that leads with respect and belonging. The change I would like to see is for us to be national leaders in inclusion, anti-racism, and belonging. I hope that we are ready to meet these challenges. - Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman, Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity #StrongerTogether

Social media post graphic
May 29
I can't jog. - Ahmaud Arbery. I can't sleep. -Breonna Taylor. I can't breathe. -George Floyd.

I can't jog. I can't sleep. I can't breathe graphic.

Viruses don't discriminate and neither do Aggies. We hope that you will work to intervene on discriminatory behaviors, online comments, and acts on social media. Find more resources on our website at #StrongerTogether

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