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Mr. Doug Walker


Mr. Douglas Walker ‘89 is the Executive Director of KAMU Educational Broadcast Services at Texas A&M University. KAMU is Texas A&M’s public broadcasting station, providing TV and FM service to the Texas A&M community and the Brazos Valley. Mr. Walker works in coordination with the Division of Marketing & Communications to help guide strategic planning, visioning and management of the university’s TV and radio station, while improving its support for the educational mission, as well as its statewide and regional mission in public service. Mr. Walker, a 1989 Texas A&M graduate with a degree in journalism, also holds a master’s degree from The University of Alabama. We spoke to Mr. Walker about the importance of including programming that is inclusive and respectful of cultures and upcoming programming regarding Texas history and Juneteenth.

Why is it important to include programming about Texas history and respecting cultures?

According to Mr. Walker, it is important for a public media entity to include programming about Texas history that respects cultures because it is central to its mission and obligation to educate and inform. "Public media has a long history of playing a central role in elevating the stories and voices of many who are traditionally disadvantaged and marginalized," Walker said.

Does the station have any Juneteenth programming planned?

Mr. Walker said that there are 2 programs on their main television channel, PBS, that are focused on Juneteenth. First, “Mending Walls: The Documentary” showcases artist Hamilton Glass, who challenges 30 artists from different cultural backgrounds to collaborate on 16 murals in Richmond, Virginia. Through a difficult dialogue series, the artists were able to understand how their difference could be leveraged to enhance understanding and create a powerful symbol of hope. The program featured on June 19, is the debut of “Juneteenth: The Galveston Story”, a new locally produced documentary created by two Texas A&M former students, Sam Collins III and Sam Addington. The documentary provides new depth and context to Juneteenth.

Do you have any suggestions to help others learn more about special programming with KAMU?

"Like all media outlets, we crave content," Walker said. "We are willing to screen any video project, to determine if it has the proper quality for broadcast and is a story of community interest." He encourages anyone interested to contact him directly at to propose content for air.

What would you like our readers to know about KAMU that you want to highlight?

Mr. Walker shared that KAMU is expanding their impact and reach through an emphasis on original content on a variety of topics designed to reach people where they are. "We are hoping to expand our reach and impact into the community in ways in which we previously have not," Walker said.

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